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Need a lift?  Well, more than likely if you’ve arrived at this website, you’re probably in ownership or are renting a scissor lift for miscellaneous uses and events around the home or the business.  You may be painting the side of your house, or you might be using your scissor lift for cleaning windows outside of your business.  Whatever your use for your scissor lift may be, call Scissor Lift Towing today when you can’t move your lift anymore.  If you’re looking to get renovations done outdoors, but the area is too high us, you might rent a scissor lift to help you reach.  Our drivers will kindly assist you with that.

Towing Uses

Scissor Lift TowingFor what uses would you need towing for your scissor lift?  In the event that your lift doesn’t operate any longer and you need to transport it, you’re going to need to call Scissor Lift Towing immediately and that you will have nothing to worry about.  Let us deal with the task of towing or transporting your lift.  Apart from this, we also receive many phone calls regarding a winch-out for scissor lifts.  It’s not too often that a 13,000 lbs metal vehicle is stuck in a ditch, or mud, when it happens, we feel obliged to offer and extend our services to you.

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Is your lift inoperable?  We’ll be able to provide your scissor lift with different types of services, depending on the type that would assist your vehicle in moving once again.  If the lift is experiencing a flat tire failure, we’ll come out and bring tools with us, known to fix and rectify whatever situation you’re having with your lift.  If your scissor lift is out of power, we’re happy to provide it recharging so that it can move once again.  However, if your lift isn’t power-operated, you can still call us when it’s failing so that we can transport it to a place where the lift can be fixed for further usage.

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