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Road Safety: the Good and Bad Times to Drive
July 25, 2018

By having regular maintenance, drivers can actually save up on the costs incurred during vehicle breakdowns. With regular maintenance such as replacing the tires, get the oil changed, inspecting and making sure all belts and hoses are in working condition. Below are five reasons why regular vehicle maintenance is necessary.

Better Vehicle Performance

If you want to enhance the performance and reliability of the vehicle, there are some easy steps to take. Check on the fluid levels, the condition of the oil and any wear or tear on internal parts of a vehicle. When a vehicle is properly maintained, it will become more responsive and will give you a smooth ride. Furthermore, better vehicle performance will also extend the vehicle life span.


This is the main reason why it is important to have regular maintenance on vehicles. The safety of the driver, passengers and other motorists on the road are of top priority. One may be a very good driver, however, not all drivers have the same level of concern for safety. Neglecting to keep a well-functioning vehicle is one of the causes of car crashes. A faulty brake system, steering system, worn-out tires, and other vehicle mechanical issues can lead to minor or serious accidents.

Fuel Performance

Many drivers are more concerned about the amount of gas that the vehicle consumes and the gas mileage. If the vehicle is running inefficiently, it will waste more fuel and in turn, will cost you more to pay for the gas. One way to prevent this problem is to schedule for regular tune-ups for vehicles, check the tire pressure and get the oil changed regularly, and you will see beneficial results, both on the fuel efficiency and your wallet.

Less Roadside Issues

A vehicle breakdown will most probably cause it to become immobile. It definitely is not a good feeling being left on the side of the road, although roadside assistance can help, time will still be wasted over the breakdown. With regularly scheduled maintenance services for your vehicle, you can save yourself spending money to call for towing and roadside services due to vehicle breakdowns, and the money to have the vehicle fixed.

Peace of Mind

Similar to going for body checkups, finding out the vehicle is in “pink of health” can ease your mind knowing there is no mechanical issue to worry. It is better to be safe than sorry, thus finding out if there are any problems with the vehicle is always preferred than encountering roadside issues on the road. Of course, it is always the best thing to learn from the mechanic that the vehicle is in good shape, as it can give you peace of mind on the road.


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