Distinctions Between Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Towing

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Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Towing

A towing company hauls various types of vehicles every day; from cars, motorcycles, Recreational Vehicles (RVs), motorhome, trucks, etc. A pickup truck and a motorhome can both be considered under the category of trucks. However, they are still some distinctions between them. There are basically three main types of vehicles, according to their weights; light duty, medium duty and heavy duty vehicles.

Truck Classifications

Truck classification is based on the gross vehicle rating (GVWR) of the vehicle. There are 8 group classes to categorize them; classes 1 to 3 are considered light duty vehicles, where the GVWR weight limit is between 0 to 16,000 pounds. Classes 4 to 6 are considered medium duty vehicles, where the GVWR weight limit is between 16,001 pounds to 26,000 pounds. Lastly, classes 7 to 8 are considered heavy duty vehicles, where the GVWR weight limit is between 26,001 pounds to 33,000 over pounds.

Light Duty Towing

In light duty towing, it is common to find regular and standard tow truck routines. Duties and tasks include removing abandoned vehicles, private property towing, accident recovery. Typically the vehicles are cars and trucks such as Honda Civic, Ford F Series, Nissan Frontier, etc. These are light duty sized vehicles which require light duty towing trucks and operators.

Medium Duty Towing

For vehicles such as box trucks, vans, RVs and motorhomes, these are larger than light duty vehicles but smaller and light than heavy duty vehicles. For these vehicles, medium duty towing is needed. Tow trucks which has configurations such as boom lifts, landolls, automatic or low-profile trailers can be employed to move them.

Heavy Duty Towing

For the heavy weights, which include vehicles such as garbage trucks, dump trucks, semi-trailers, tractor trucks and etc., they require heavy duty trucks to tackle these big jobs. Tow trucks which has features such as 25-ton boom lift, winch, 6-ton wheel lift are required to carry out the tasks. Heavy duty trucks are the big boys of towing trucks; they handle the biggest recoveries and jobs. They are typically deployed for their towing abilities where they can support an entire load of another vehicle at once. These are the tow trucks to rely on when heavy vehicles break down on the road.

Choose the Right Company

As you can see, towing is not a one size fits all job. Towing operators needs to have a range of tow trucks in their fleet to managed different towing duties. Always be sure to do research to find companies with extensive towing experience and reputation in the area. It is also important that your service of choice is licensed and fully equipped to perform the tasks you requested in safe and efficient manners.